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    We breathe excellence, our way of doing business

    MAD Consultancy is specialized in developing software applications and offers a myriad of related (online) services. We are client-driven emphasize quality and stimulate innovativeness. Our portfolio consists of the following core businesses: B2C auctions, B2C e-commerce, e-mail & affiliate marketing and social matchmaking. Within these 4 categories we are focused on growing our businesses and generating value for our customers.

Our Services

The building blocks for the success of our company

Together with our business partners around the globe, we run diversified web assets, optimised ecommerce businesses and specialised online marketing services. Our clients base is mainly situated in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are focused on growing our businesses and generating value for our customers. Our building blocks are:

Web Asset Management

The core of our business. We strive to develop a cohesive portfolio of web assets by developing our own websites,buying and managing assets that will add value to this portfolio. Each acquisition is carefully considered and we always take into consideration the impact it will have on our customers and partners.

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Online Strategy & Consulting

We move beyond traditional services such as SEO and social media marketing by offering a complete range of solutions. We are specialized in online visibility, brand awareness, conversion rate optimisation, traffic optimisation and back-link portfolio analysis. Support and account management are an indispensable part of this equation as well.

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Strategic Acquisition

We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our business. Careful thought is put into the acquisition of web assets. Acquisition occurs on the basis of value added to our portfolio. This could consist of: a well known brand, general fit with our core businesses and increased traffic generation or targeting for example.

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Mission Statement

Why we are valued by our partners

We want to achieve excellence by connecting the dots through insightful vertical and horizontal growth. Though we are always on the lookout for expansion, quality has to resonate through everything we and our partners do. Their business is ours and our business is theirs. We aim for sustainable partnerships that fade the traditional lines of doing business. Experience the breath of fresh air with us.

  • “I am very pleased about my experience at MAD Consultancy”

    It is a company which gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in the way you want to. They give you the time you need and help you wherever needed. If you have something you would like to learn or like to know more about they take the time to attend you in that. There is a lot of work to do in this company, but there is always time for some fun and jokes with you colleagues. I am grateful for this all and recommend this company to everyone who wants to work hard, learn a lot and have fun!

  • “I am really thankful”

    MAD Consultancy entrusted me with a great amount of responsibility and for that I am really thankful. What I really appreciated about the company is their pursuit of quality in everything they do. Since the environment in which we operate is very dynamic I have definitely been able to develop myself in many aspects, such as communicatively and in initiating new solutions. None of which would have been possible without the expertise and feedback given to me by MAD.

  • “I have a lot of freedom to set my goals and work towards them”

    What I like best about this company is how focused it is on its people. I have a lot of freedom to set my goals and work towards them. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. The working environment is very flexible, with much consideration for the employees' professional and personal needs. I have also gathered such a valuable experiences working with MAD Consultancy.

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Our Skills

What we excel in!

Graphic Design & Interface

MAD Consultancy stands for eye-catching and functional web design. We are able to adapt user interfaces to customers’ needs, as in the case of frontend design and backend technology. We also engage in logo design, banner design and even the development of web applications to make web assets responsive to consumers’ needs. Communication and customer satisfaction are key throughout the process.

Web Development

In order to expand and optimize our web asset portfolio naturally we have the best in-house developers. We are able to create our own websites and web applications either on our own behalf or that of our customers. Features and layouts can be adapted to customers’ needs as well of course. Especially for our B2C platforms troubleshooting is very important since consumers want instant usability and access to our web assets.

Online Strategic Marketing

We want to move beyond the adoption of simple intermediary services such as social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We want to achieve maximum targeted exposure and traffic optimisation. To this end we create our own creatives such as custom landing pages for instance, specifically target e-mails and offer full tracking options and create comprehensive back-link assets. On top of these services we also specialise in revenue management, customer retention and online reputation marketing.

Network Performance Optimization

We aim for long-term, sustainable partnerships by emphasising integrity and quality in the services we share with our affiliates. These services include lead generation, affiliate marketing, online reputation marketing, display advertising and performance advertising. We take great care in targeting the right channels for the right business, naturally B2C platforms require different channels than our affiliates.

Customer Support

It should be clear by now that we are a client-driven company and want to maintain a strong reputation for delivering quality solutions. Feedback is indispensable in achieving this. From the simplest form of electronic support to on-site consultations, from adapting web assets for our clients to collaborative conference calls with affiliates, we want to make sure we support our partners every step of the way. They are our business and we are their business, as long as we realize this the end result will be to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Cross-platform compatibility

Naturally as a provider of online intermediary services we acknowledge the importance of portability of web assets across different platforms. Whether it be via mobile, tablet, different operating systems or even different versions of browsers our aim is to provide a streamlined, uniform experience across all possible platforms whilst utilizing the strengths each platform offers. From the onset of development our technical team aims to achieve cross platform compatibility.

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